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Where Does Your Business Need Help?

We Help Companies Find, Keep and Grow Revenue Through Sales.

Generating Leads & Closing Sales

I’m thinking about outsourcing my sales.

Preparing for Sales

I want to bring my new product or service to market.

Sales Growth

I need to build or improve my sales strategy.

Sales Team Training

My team has potential and I want to invest in them!

Adapt your Business to the New Normal

About Business

Part of being in business is effectively anticipating change and adapting the organization to emerging and shifting markets. Pairing the company’s strengths according to ever-evolving customer needs is how companies continue to grow.

Plex Inc. is here to help. If you are considering how to adapt your business to the new needs of your clients, or are seeking creative insights and market feedback to help you pivot your business, contact us. Our Pivot program is designed just for you.

We’re flexible, transparent, customized, and accountable.

We hustle, we sell and we have fun!

Plex Inc. strategic approach to sales involves process, planning, and execution. We bring the right strategy plus the right people to implement and deliver results.

By inviting our experts to be an extension of your team you will profit from qualified leads perfectly suited to your offering. Our assessments highlight areas for growth and optimization to help you surpass your sales targets. Market introduction services will help you find those important beta clients so you can gather the market intelligence that you need to iterate and grow.

Businesses rely on Plex Inc.:

  • As a trusted and steady sales adviser in a constantly evolving marketplace.
  • To represent their products and services with passion, integrity and best practices.
  • To build sound strategy and sales processes to conquer untapped markets.
  • As a catalyst for effective growth management strategies.
  • To exceed aggressive pipeline and revenue targets.

Meet Our Expert Team

Carla Houston

Carla Houston


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John Doe

John Doe

Web Developer

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Sharon Brinson

Sharon Brinson

Graphics Designer

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Felix Mercer

Felix Mercer

Marketing Expert

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We’ve used these principles to build a team of highly skilled and experienced sales professionals, consultants, strategists, and entrepreneurs who genuinely invest in our clients’ success.