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Cayuga Displays

Goal: The team at Cayuga Displays strives to stay connected with customers and their changing marketplace. Over the years they recognized that their customers’ needs and buying journey had evolved. Cayuga Displays recognized that their sales strategy and processes must also adapt to a modern customer buying experience to stay ahead of their competition. This included modernizing the skills of their staff to provide the very best customer experience, company wide.

Approach: Rick Schotsman is the President of Cayuga Displays. “It was important to us that we train everyone on the team in the right way to conduct sales. We felt that we needed help from a training partner that would take an organizational approach to our sales strategy.” As a unique company with unique needs, Mr. Schotsman wasn’t looking for a cookie cutter training program to wedge into his business. Instead, he looked for a solution with content custom fit and adapted to his business and team’s needs. “Plex Inc. was a great match for us because they took a customized approach to training our people. They didn’t force a methodology that might not have been the right fit for our business.”

Plex Inc. spent time getting to know the staff, the business and the markets. The training program’s modules and activities were tailored to Cayuga Displays’ needs, industry, target customers and most importantly for their people. “We appreciated that Plex Inc. took the time to get to know our business and our people before providing training. We felt that other solutions were offering the same training and methodology to all kinds of different businesses and and that wasn’t the right choice for us.”

Result: Plex Inc. provided the right amount of engagement, information and interaction for each session. “We appreciated that Plex Inc. made an effort to keep an upbeat mood, provide a variety of material and activities and ensure that our team was able to laugh while they were learning. We wanted everyone who is working with our prospects and customers to have the same level of communication, strategy, messaging and customer service. Plex Inc. focus was on us becoming a sales oriented organization instead of simply training the sales team only.”

Mr. Schotsman believes that Plex Inc. training hit the mark. “It was eye opening for our team to understand all of the moving parts in a sales cycle. Plex Inc. was able to break down the complexity of sales and help our people to confidently navigate and be more successful in helping our customers. Plex Inc. training program helped us to better understand both our customers and ourselves. In the end, sales is really about people and we felt that Plex Inc. really understood that. They helped us to identify what we do well, where we could improve and to better understand our customers and how they buy. We highly recommend Plex Inc. and we thank their team for their efforts.”

It was eye opening for our team to understand all of the moving parts in a sales cycle. We highly recommend Plex Inc. and we thank them for their efforts.

Rick Schotsman

President – Cayuga Displays