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Enhance Skills, Learn New Strategies and Sell Genuinely

Achieve New Success Levels with Sales Training Programs Designed for your Business.

Training solutions tailored to your business.

Understand Your Business

Tailor Content

Effectively Learn

Grow Revenue, Retain Customers

Training your team is a great choice to boost performance. Plex Inc. custom fits our modern training programs to your unique team and business needs.  Our programs deliver value long after our trainers have left the building.

Our training programs are designed with the following beliefs:

  • Sales is not a dirty word.  Sales is about helping people and delivering value
  • All staff are integral parts of a company-wide sales eco system
  • Training must be customized to fit the company, not the other way around
  • Staff will practice what they have learned when they believe the strategies will help them

We must know you before we can truly help you. Before any training program begins, Plex Inc. takes the time to perform an in-depth review of your staff, business, solutions and goals.  This allows us to deliver relevant content within a program that is tailored to your team’s needs.

Sales Training Designed To Be Different

Say goodbye to obsolete methodologies and hard-sell techniques. We build modern and customized programs that engage and inspire your team.

  • Content and exercises are customized to your unique business and staff
  • Helps all customer facing staff to understand their role in sales, regardless of position
  • Explains how successful businesses budget, plan and make decisions
  • Breaks down stereotypes and buzz words and helps people deliver value to clients
  • Focuses on the importance of being prepared, organized and purposeful
  • Includes subject matter experts as guest speakers based upon topic
  • Develops content to be incorporated into your playbooks, manuals and training guides
  • Training workshops are designed to help your staff work as a team

Your entire company has a part to play in sales. Our training solutions focus on more than just a traditional sales cycle.

Big Benefits To Your Team

Plex Inc. clients recognize many positive results after training with us.

  • A completed sales team playbook, training guide and custom reference materials
  • Improved ability to progress sales, overcome challenges and retain customers
  • More accurate forecasting and sales pipelines
  • Confidence & skill prospecting for new business opportunities
  • Increased empathy, respect, and understanding of customers and colleagues
  • Strategies for building rapport, customer communication, working opportunities and winning deals
  • New insights into your staff, their struggles and how to make your business stronger

With Plex Inc. Sales Foundations training programs, you will continue to receive value long after our trainers have left the building.

Training Solutions for Every Need

In-Person & On-Site

Our knowledgeable and friendly training staff are happy to deliver training at a location of your choice.

Online Delivery

Plex Inc. can deliver training online to accommodate your remote staff.  We can also combine online and in-person training for teams that spread over multiple regions.

Subject Matter Based Sessions

Does your team need some refinement on a particular subject? Plex Inc. is happy to deliver tailored subject matter training at your sales events and conferences.